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Eirs welcomes partnerships from other organisations intrerested in the support of research and education. Partnership proposals can be submitted to the Academic Cooperation Department; email:

The London College for Humanities and Business Studies is an institution of learning dedicated to global enrichment and meeting the evolving needs of the diverse communities through innovative programmes and dynamic curriculum which empowers the students, faculty and staff to exceed the expectations and achieve academic excellence, community enrichment and service to the public good. 
LCHBS specialises in providing educational programmes and training in the following feilds:  
Business Administration, Management, Information Technology, Research, Education and Training, Tourism and Hospitality, Nutrition and Public Health, Media, Arts, Theology. 

The CREE is an international non- governmental organisation established in Brussels, the capital of the European Union, with the aim of promoting international relations based on openness and trasparancy in all sectors and the vision of creating bridges of cooperation between the European Union and other countries in various other regions.    
CREE works on the development of cooperation plans and programs in addition to facilitating strategic funding, in line with international treaties and conventions.  The commission operates in accordance with the European Union directives and has no  political, partisan or religious objectives. 
The commission stresses that it is totally independent of any political authority, partisan or any religious group, and works for the realization of its objectives while respecting the universal declaration of human rights and all the international conventions.